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What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique?



Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is a specialised form of PAST LIFE REGRESSION that enables people fast access to a deeper part of the mind called the ‘higher self’. It is completely safe.



QHHT uses hypnosis and guided visualisation to that allows access to all the answers (as to why we have various traumatic experiences in this lifetime) and to help with healing the body (when appropriate). It is also perfect to help you on a path to spiritual awakening.



It was pioneered and devised by a professional hypnotherapist called Dolores Cannon over a 45 year period beginning in the 1960’s.



It is a very unique and extremely deep form of hypnosis. It is rarely used by conventional hypnotherapists because of its deep induced trance level and its scientifically inexplicable results recorded.



What exactly is hypnosis?



We all experience moments of relaxed concentration during each day. For example, when you are completely absorbed in an activity such as reading, watching a film or starting to fall asleep. There is always a feeling of pleasant relaxation and being ‘switched off’from everything around you or ‘being in a trance.’ When you are feeling this way you may not hear the phone ringing or someone talking to you.



This is how ‘being hypnotised’ feels like. Its like the feeling of meditating. You feel completely relaxed and yet if there was a sudden emergency, you could focus your attention and get up from your chair as usual.



Why use hypnotherapy?



If you liken your mind to a computer and your subconscious to the software that is not serving you as you would like. For example, you have developed a fear or a limiting belief that is detrimentally affecting your wellbeing or you want to change an unwanted behaviour e.g. stopping smoking, phobia relief, etc.



Hypnosis is used to help update and correct your ‘faulty software’by using a relaxation process to enable your subconscious mind to be open and be more receptive to positive hypnosis suggestions.



Can everyone be hypnotised?



Only if you want to be. Some people do not wish to be hypnotised because they may feel afraid to ‘lose their control’and be made to do things they don’t want to do. This is not the case as you are always in complete control. Your subconscious always protects you and will only take on suggestions that you really want. This is why some people cannot just give up smoking unless they have a real subconscious desire to want to stop. Many people like the relaxed feeling that hypnotherapy brings because it helps to de-stress people completely.



The experience of hypnosis is very safe.



Hypnosis is a complementary treatment that can be used alongside medical treatments. It has been used effectively for many years alongside modern medical treatments of the NHS and in dental practices.



QHHT involves gently inducing a client into a Somnambulistic state of trance through a specific visualisation technique. Within the session, we sidestep the conscious part of the mind (that can keep us in a limiting belief cycle of thought) and we are able to tap into the information stored deep within the higher consciousness (that holds a higher level of knowledge about ourselves).



There are four known brainwave states of the mind that we are constantly going in and out of all the time:


  • Beta – being wide awake and fully conscious.

  • Alpha – a light level of trance as in watching a tv or in just preparing to go to sleep.

  • Theta – deepest level of trance.

  • Delta – asleep.



The somnambulistic state is between Alpha and Delta, between just before going to sleep and just before waking up.



Dolores Cannon worked with thousands of clients and has not only found the reasons for illnesses and life experiences but also recorded ‘lost knowledge,  reincarnation experiences and also instant healing of the physical body.’



Working in this way has helped clients gain access to knowledge of Past Life experiences of information that is stored within the mind below the conscious level.



Once clients gain an understanding of why particular past live experiences were shown, they have been able to let go of limitations and lead a happier life.



What is a Past Life Regression experience like?



Every person’s experience is very unique and personal to them depending upon what the client wants from the session.



Generally, a past life experience is much like a visualisation where scenes of places, people and movement are seen or felt, much like a dream. But the experience is much more life-like and 3 dimensional.



Often these are of time periods that have passed and are like a snapshot or ‘glimpse’ of a ‘past life.’



Are past lives real?



It is difficult to confirm scientifically that they are real. The amount of detail recorded independently from past life therapists conclude that people recite many things such as garments, houses, food and what they are doing as too similar to be coincidences.



Professional therapists are specifically trained to avoid asking suggestive questions that might lead to specific answer. Dolores Cannon has written about 15 books on her experiences with her thousands of clients to make very interesting and thought-provoking reading.



There are many QHHT practitioners all around the world and are all reporting some incredible healings. It seems that healing only occur when the client really wants to be healed and that it does not interfere with the goals of this lifetime.



The concept of spontaneous healing taking place in this way will understandably challenge the beliefs of many people who will remain sceptical, as it is illogical or irrational. But for those people who have a physical healing happen, it just happens.



Quantum physics is beginning to open up the fact to many people about challenging long held scientific beliefs that we are all energy and that anything is actually possible with the unknown abilities of the mind. Science does not know all the answers to things that happen.



These are some anecdotal results Dolores and her QHHT Practitioners have allegedly had reported from various clients during and after a session.



Relief from the symptoms of:


  • AIDS

  • Cancer

  • Diabetes symptoms

  • Intestinal problems

  • Migraines

  • Lower and middle back problems

  • Neck and shoulder pains

  • Lung associated problems

  • Skin problems




  • Heart conditions and afterwards surgery is no longer required

  • Cartilage apparently being reconstructed between joints

  • Deteriorated livers being regenerated

  • Damaged kidneys being regenerated

  • Open flesh wounds being regenerated with no scarring

  • Vision being improved



Nothing is beyond the realm of possibility. There are no limitations, except for the limits of a persons’ own imagination.



What happens in a QHHT session?



A QHHT session is usually a single 4-5 hour session.



There is no guarantee on the outcome of any aspect of this type of session. If the QHHT  session is found to be unsuccessful and the clients wants to try again, then I will arrange another session free of charge.



You are asked to bring several questions with you to find out answers about any aspect of your life. Questions can range from health issues, relationship, families, partners, work, any personal challenges that you are currently experiencing and also about your life purpose.



The session begins with an in-depth interview to understand the reasons behind your specific questions, to understand about your life and also information about any current illnesses that you are experiencing. As much information as possible is gathered to help provide more accurate answers during the session.



A short break and a light lunch will be provided before the actual session starts.



The first part of the session will be to experience one or more ‘past lives’ that are appropriate to your questions and to help you get an understanding of any karmic blocks you may be experiencing in your current lifetime. After this part is completed, you will make a connection to your ‘higher consciousness’ to be able to communicate directly to a part of your mind that knows all about yourself. Your questions will be asked so that you will get answers and feedback about your life. You  may also be given specific messages of special advice for your life. Any appropriate healing will also take place. Some healing may not occur if the time is not right or appropriate at the time of the session.



When the session is completed, we discuss what took place during the session to understand the meanings.



The session is also recorded and provided so you are able to listen to all the information at a later date. Many clients find that they do not remember all that happened as they were very comfortably deeply relaxed during the session.



So to book your session, simply contact me now, so we can book a date for


you to discover who you really are.