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What I do

I have been practising Past Life Regression for about 15 years. I have also trained in several complimentary therapies as well to broaden my understanding of who and what we really are, how the mind works and how challenging life can be. I have also worked on my own personal challenges to change my life to the service of others.



Out of all the different healing modalities I have trained in, I have found that past life regression therapy holds the keys to what conditions people experience when they are unable to resolve it in any way. I helped many people overcome and improve their personal challenges that they have often struggled with for years.



My own first Past Life Experience



I found myself in a forest in a path leading deep into the dark forest. I was a woman of about 25 with long dark hair. I was wearing a long brown flowing dress made of coarse material. I was sobbing my heart out and completely overwhelmed with fear and grief. I could see my village in the clearing to the right of me, being engulfed in huge flames and I could hear the cries of people being attacked and killed by savage raiders. I knew that all my family had just been killed and I was torn between trying to do something or running away to save myself. I remember looking around to the left of me and knew I needed to run. I had not been in the village at the time of the raid. The raiders had not seen me.



I had never experienced anything like this before. This experience was not fuzzy or vague like a dream. It was three dimensional and I could sense everything. I could smell the burning and feel the intense heat of the fire even from about 300 yds away. I could hear the quietness of the forest to my left. The sobbing feeling I felt was so deep. The trained hypnotherapist managed the session professionally. This experience was the foundation that fuelled my interest and curiosity on the concept of Past Life Regression.



Your Session



Everyone’s session is different and you are unlikely to experience anything as I did in my first session. During your session you are still in complete control of everything. My job is to facilitate the session, to look after you and to be there with you in your experience. I am there to give you the support to help you make the changes and healing that you want.







As my training has progressed and my interest in past life regression, I am trained in Accredited Past Life Regression using Dolores Cannons Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). Very few hypnotherapists use this level past life regression to release mental blocks because it is very specialised.



I have found that many of the challenges that people experience can be better helped and understood with a single QHHT session. QHHT helps to access the subconscious mind at a deeper level and to understand in more detail, why people are experiencing certain things. We can find the cause of the symptoms and release it.



The conscious mind (that often gets in the way and can keep a persons’ obstacles in a continuous loop of replaying it again and again) is by-passed. The subconscious mind has all the knowledge and will give true answers to any questions asked about any aspect of a persons’ life.



After the cause of a condition is found the symptoms may often disappear. Physical healing of the body has also know to take place if its appropriate.


When you are able to take back control of your life you will rediscover ‘inner peace’ and regain a love for life.









The end result of loving yourself for who you are and for loving life, enables you to be ‘at peace’ so that you can take your place in the world and be your true self.





Simply put, I help you to:


  • improve the quality of your life

  • resolve your personal inner conflict

  • to help you understand why you became ill in the first place

  • to help you work towards your life goals

  • to help you become more confident in yourself